Mois : décembre 1975

Paul McCartney : Venus and Mars

Venus and Mars

Paul Mc Cartney

Album – 1975

Liste des titres


Venus and Mars
Rock Show
Love in Song
You Gave Me the Answer
Magneto and Titanium Man
Letting Go
Venus and Mars (Reprise)
Spirits of Ancient Egypt
Medicine Jar
Call Me Back Again
Listen to What the Man Said
Treat Her Gently/Lonely Old People

Alice Cooper : Welcome To My Nightmare

Welcome To My Nightmare
Alice Cooper
Album CD – 1975

Liste des titres

Some Folks
The Black Widow
Devil’s Food
Welcome To My Nightmare
Only Women Bleed
Department Of Youth
Cold Ethyl
Years Ago
The Awakening

Carlos Santana : Lotus

Carlos Santana
Album CD – 1975

Liste des titres

Incident At Neshabur
Castillos De Arena, Part 2 – Sand Castle
Samba De Sausalito
Free Angela
Castillos De Arena, Part 1 – Sand Castle
Stone Flower – Introduction
Xibaba – She Ba-Ba
Yours Is The Light
Oye Como Va
Gypsy Woman
Black Magic Woman
Every Step Of The Way
A-1 Funk
Going Home
Se A Cabo
Samba Pa Ti
Mr. Udo
Toussaint L’overture