Mois : décembre 1981

Alice Cooper : Special Forces

Special Forces
Alice Cooper
Album CD – 1981

Liste des titres

Who Do You Think We Are
Seven & Seven Is
Prettiest Cop on the Block
Don’t Talk Old to Me
Generation Landslide ’80
Skeletons in the Closet
You Want It, You Got It
You Look Good in Rags
You’re a Movie
Vicious Rumours

Carlos Santana : Zebop!

Carlos Santana
Album CD – 1981

Liste des titres

Over And Over
The Sensitive Kind
É Papa Ré
Tales Of Kilimanjaro
American Gipsy
Primera Invasion
I Love You Much Too Much
Brightest Star
Santana – The Swing Of Delight The Swing Of Delight (1980)
Love Theme From « spartacus »
Jharna Kala
Swapan Tari
Song For My Brother
La Llave
Sher Khan, The Tiger
Phuler Matan
Golden Hours