The Ramones : Too Tough to Die

Too Tough To Die
Too Tough to Die

The Ramones

Album 1984

Liste des titres :

Mama’s Boy
I’m Not Afraid Of Life
Too Tough To Die
Durango 95
Wart Hog
Danger Zone
Chasing The Night
Howling At The Moon (sha-La-La)
Daytime Dilemma (dangers Of Love)
Planet Earth 1988
Endless Vacation
No Go
Street Fighting Man
Smash You
Howling At The Moon (sha-La-La)(demo)
Planet Earth 1988 (dee Dee Vocal Version)
Daytime Dilemma (dangers Of Love) (demo)
Endless Vacation (demo)
Danger Zone (dee Dee Vocal Version)
Out Of Here
Mama’s Boy (demo)
I’m Not An Answer
Too Tough To Die (dee Dee Vocal Version)
No Go (demo)

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