Mois : janvier 1996

Boy George : The Martyr Mantras

The Martyr Mantras
Boy George
Album CD – 1996

Liste des titres

Generation Of Love – Seventies Mix
Bow Down Mister
Too Much Love
Siempre Te Amare
Love Hurts – L.p. Mix
No Clause – Pascal Gabriel Mix
After The Love – Ten Glorious Years Mix
I Specialize In Loneliness
Loves Gonna Let U Down – Popcorn Mix
Generations Of Love – Oakenfold Mix
One On One – Brydon L.p. Mix

Stephan Eicher : 1000 vies

Les clips de Stephan Eicher : 1000 vies

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1000 vies
Stephan Eicher
Double Album CD – 1996

Liste des titres

Dis Moi Ou
Der Rand Der Welt
1000 Vies
Elle Mal Etreint
In Wolken
Priere Du Matin
Oh Ironie

Madness : Madstock



Album CD – 1996

Liste des titres


One Step Beyond – Live
The Prince – Live
Embarrassment – Live
My Girl – Live
The Sun And The Rain – Live
Grey Day – Live
It Must Be Love – Live
Shut Up – Live
Driving In My Car – Live
Bed And Breakfast Man – Live
Close Escape – Live
Wings Of A Dove – Live
Our House – Live
Night Boat To Cairo – Live
Madness – Live
House Of Fun – Live
Baggy Trousers – Live