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Keane : Night Train

Night Train


Album CD – 2010

Liste des titres


House Lights
Back In Time
Stop For A Minute
Clear Skies
Ishin Denshin (You’ve Got To Help Yourself)
Your Love
Looking Back
My Shadow

The Cure : Desintegration


The Cure

Triple Album CD-2010 (Polydor)

Liste des titres


Disque 01
Plainsong – Remastered
Pictures Of You – Remastered *
Closedown – Remastered
Lovesong – Remastered
Last Dance – Remastered
Lullaby – Remastered
Fascination Street – Remastered
Prayers For Rain – Remastered
The Same Deep Water As You – Remastered *
Disintegration – Remastered *
Homesick – Remastered *
Untitled – Remastered
Prayers For Rain – RS Home Instrumental Demo

Disque 02
Pictures Of You – RS Home Instrumental Demo
Fascination Street – RS Home Instrumental Demo
Homesick – Band Instrumental Rehearsal
Fear Of Ghosts – Band Instrumental Rehearsal
Noheart – Band Instrumental Rehearsal
Esten – Band Instrumental Demo
Closedown – Band Instrumental Demo
Lovesong – Band Instrumental Demo
2 Late (Alternative Version) – Band Instrumental Demo
The Same Deep Water As You – Band Instrumental Demo
Disintegration – Band Instrumental Demo
Untitled (Alternative Version) – Studio Instrumental Rough
Babble (Alternative Version) – Studio Instrumental Rough
Plainsong – Studio Guide Vocal Rough
Last Dance – Studio Guide Vocal Rough
Lullaby – Studio Guide Vocal Rough
Out Of Mind – Studio Guide Vocal Rough
Delirious Night – Rough Mix
Pirate Ships – [Robert Smith Solo] – Rough Mix
Plainsong – Entreat Plus – Live 1989

Disque 03
Pictures Of You – Entreat Plus – Live 1989 *
Closedown – Entreat Plus – Live 1989
Lovesong – Entreat Plus – Live 1989
Last Dance – Entreat Plus – Live 1989
Lullaby – Entreat Plus – Live 1989
Fascination Street – Entreat Plus – Live 1989
Prayers For Rain – Entreat Plus – Live 1989
The Same Deep Water As You – Entreat Plus – Live 1989 *
Disintegration – Entreat Plus – Live 1989 *
Homesick – Entreat Plus – Live 1989
Untitled – Entreat Plus – Live 1989

The Black Keys : Brothers


The Black Keys

Album CD – 2010

Liste des titres

Everlasting Light
Next Girl
Tighten Up
Howlin’ for You
She’s Long Gone
Black Mud
The Only One
Too Afraid to Love You
Ten Cent Pistol
Sinister Kid
The Go Getter
I’m Not the One
Unknown Brother
Never Gonna Give You Up
These Days

Arcade Fire : The Suburbs

The Suburbs
The Suburbs
Arcade Fire
Album CD – 2010

Liste des titres

The Suburbs
Ready To Start
Modern Man
Empty Room
City With No Children
Half Light I
Half Light II (No Celebration)
Suburban War
Month Of May
Wasted Hours (Extended version)
Deep Blue
We Used To Wait
Sprawl I (Flatland)
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
The Suburbs (Continued)
Culture War
Speaking In Tongues

Deftones : Diamond Eyes

Les clips de Deftones : Diamond Eyes

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Diamond Eyes
Album CD – 2010

Liste des titres

Diamond Eyes
You’ve Seen the Butcher
Beauty School
Rocket Skates
This Place Is Death
Do You Believe

Cali : La vie est une truite arc-en-ciel qui nage dans mon coeur

Cali La vie est une truite arc-en-ciel qui nage dans mon coeur
Album CD – 2010

Liste des titres

Je Sais Ta Vie
L’amour Fou
Je Te Veux Maintenant
Madame Butterfly
Nous Serons Tous Les Deux
Ma Douleur
Lettre Au Ministre Du Saccage Des Familles
Je Vais Arrêter De Boire
Mille Ans D’ennui
Je Regarde Mes 17 Ans
Je N’attends Que La Revanche

Drake : Thank Me Later

Thank Me Later


Album CD – 2010

Liste des titres


The Resistance [Explicit]
Over [Explicit]
Show Me a Good Time [Explicit]
Up All Night [Explicit]
Shut It Down
Unforgettable [Explicit]
Light Up
Miss Me
Cece’s Interlude
Find Your Love
Thank Me Now
Best I Ever Had