Mois : mars 2013

Depeche Mode : Delta Machine

Les clips de Depeche Mode : Delta Machine

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Delta Machine
Depeche Mode
Album CD – 2013

Liste des titres

Welcome To My World
Secret To The End
My Little Universe
The Child Inside
Soft Touch/Raw Nerve
Should Be Higher
Soothe My Soul

Simple Minds : Celebrate

Les clips de Simple Minds : Celebrate

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Celebrate-3CD web
Simple Minds
Triple Album CD – 2013

Liste des titres

1. Life In A Day
2. Chelsea Girl
3. Changeling
4. I Travel
5. Celebrate
6. The American
7. Love Song
8. Sweat In Bullet
9. Theme From Great Cities
10. Promised You A Miracle
11. Glittering Prize
12. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)
13. New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)
14. Waterfront
15. Speed Your Love To Me
16. Up On The Catwalk

1. Don’t You Forget About Me
2. Alive And Kicking
3. Sanctify Yourself
4. All The Things She Said
5. Ghost Dancing
6. Promised You A Miracle (Live)
7. Belfast Child
8. Mandela Day
9. Biko
10. This Is Your Land
11. Kick It In
12. Let It All Come Down
13. Let There Be Love
14. See The Lights
15. Stand By Love
16. Real Life

1. She’s A River
2. Hypnotised
3. Glitterball
4. War Babies
5. Space
6. Jeweller To The Stars
7. Dancing Barefoot
8. Cry
9. Spaceface
10. One Step Closer
11. Home
12. Stranger
13. Stay Visible
14. Rockets
15. Stars Will Lead The Way
16. Stagefright
17. Blood Diamonds
18. Broken Glass Park

Justin Timberlake : The 20/20 Experience

the 20/20 experience
The 20/20 Experience

Justin Timberlake

Album CD – 2013

Liste des titres


Suit & Tie
Pusher Love Girl
Don’t Hold the Wall
Strawberry Bubblegum
Tunnel Vision
Spaceship Coupe
That Girl
Let the Groove Get In
Blue Ocean Roar

Zazie : Cyclo

Les clips de Zazie : Cyclo

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Album CD – 2013

Liste des titres

Les Contraires
Mobile Homme
Je Ne Sais Pas
Si Tu Viens
Temps Plus Vieux
20 Ans
Vienne La Nuit
Où Allons-Nous

Bon Jovi : What About Now

What About Now
What About Now
Bon Jovi
Album CD 2013

Liste des titres

Because We Can
I’m With You
What About Now
Pictures Of You
That’s What The Water Made Me
What’s Left Of Me
Army Of One
Thick As Thieves
Beautiful World
Room At The End Of The World
The Fighter

Franz Ferdinand : Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions

Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions
Franz Ferdinand
Album CD – 2013

Liste des titres

Right Action
Evil Eye
Love Illumination
Stand on the Horizon
Fresh Strawberries
Treason! Animals.
The Universe Expanded
Brief Encounters
Goodbye Lovers & Friends

David Bowie : The Next Day

Les clips de David Bowie : The Next Day

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The Next Day

David Bowie

Album – 2013

Liste des titres

The Next Day
Dirty Boys
The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
Love Is Lost
Where Are We Now?
Valentine’s Day
If You Can See Me
I’d Rather Be High
Boss Of Me
Dancing Out In Space
How Does The Grass Grow?
(You Will) Set The World On Fire
You Feel So Lonely You Could Die

Axel Bauer : Peaux de serpent

Peaux De Serpent
Peaux de serpent
Axel Bauer
Album CD-2013

Liste des titres

Pense à nous
Elle est SM
Tous les hommes à la mer (feat. Jean-Louis Aubert)
La chasse à l’instant
Le jour de ça
Je fais de mon corps
Orfèvre de l’inutile
Rien ne s’oublie