Best games for PlayStation 4 2021

1. What is a game tip?

The earliest games did not contain a history and offered either pure experience (shy away, shoot, do not lose) or text labyrinths (with elements of interactivity at branching points). Soon, technology allowed us to build a virtual world in which the player can not only perceive images and signs that refer to history, but also interact with them.

Tasks for the player, how to best find out:

  • Simple pointers in the game;
  • Text pointers ;
    • Any elements that help advance in the game;
    • Individual game mechanics;
    • Understanding character actions;
  • The ability to skip a complex episode.

2. Three ways to make the game easier to understand.

The video game is based on rules that determine what and how we can do it. How can we make our understanding of the requirements and rules of the game easy? There are several ways to do this. We’re talking about a clue. The same signals for the player that reduce uncertainty in choice and actions.

2.2 Usually tips are harmoniously built into the game.

In-game hints can be divided into an interface and separate game options. They are initially thought out by the creators, and unless a small part is added after testing or first reviews.

Game pass guidelines:

  1. Recommendations can be obtained from both the creators of the game and from other users.;
  2. Some of the secrets are sometimes made public only many years after the release of the game ;
    1. Pay attention to changing music or new sounds in the game;
    2. Changing the rhythm of music can indicate danger;
    3. Sometimes the best combination of hints in the text with music;
  3. Indirect clues are usually located inside the game world itself – these are dialogues, books, notes.
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