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Pink : Beautiful Trauma

Les clips de Pink : Beautiful Trauma

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Beautiful Trauma
Album CD – 2017

Liste des titres

Beautiful Trauma
Revenge (featuring Eminem)
Whatever You Want
What About Us
But We Lost It
Where We Go
For Now
Better Life
I Am Here
Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken
You Get My Love

Pink : The Truth About Love

Les clips de Pink : The Truth About Love

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The Truth About Love


Album CD – 2012

Liste des titres

Are We All We Are
Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
Just Give Me A Reason
True Love
How Come You’re Not Here
Slut Like You
The Truth About Love
Beam Me Up
Walk of Shame
Here Comes The Weekend
Where Did The Beat Go?
The Great Escape

Pink : Can’t Take Me Home

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Can’t Take Me Home
Album CD- 1999

Liste des titres


Most Girls
There You Go
You Make Me Sick
Let Me Let You Know
Love Is Such A Crazy Thing
Private Show
Can’t Take Me Home
Stop Falling
Is It Love

Pink : M!ssundaztood

Les clips de Pink : M!ssundaztood

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Album CD- 2002

Liste des titres


Family portrait
Get the party started – Redman Remix
Don’t let me get me
18 Wheeler
Dear Diary
Just Like A Pill
Gone To California
Lonely Girl
My Vietnam

Pink : Try This

Les clips de Pink : Try This

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Try This


Album CD- 2003

Liste des titres


Last To Know
God Is A Dj
Tonight’s The Night
Oh My God
Catch Me While I’m Sleeping
Waiting For Love
Save My Life
Try Too Hard
Humble Neighborhoods
Walk Away
Feel Good Time
Love Song

Pink : I’m Not Dead

Les clips de Pink : I’m Not Dead

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I’m Not Dead


Album CD- 2006

Liste des titres


Stupid Girls
Who Knew
Long Way To Happy
Nobody Knows
Dear Mr. President
I’m Not Dead
‘cuz I Can
Leave Me Alone (i’m Lonely)
U + Ur Hand
The One That Got Away
I Got Money Now
Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self
Fingers – W/30 Sec. Of Silence
I Have Seen The Rain

Pink : Funhouse

Les clips de Pink : Funhouse

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Album CD- 2008

Liste des titres

So What
I Don’t Believe You
One Foot Wrong
Please Don’t Leave Me
Bad Influence
Crystal Ball
It’s All Your Fault
Ave Mary A
Glitter In The Air
This Is How It Goes Down

Pink : Greatest Hits… So Far!!!

Les clips de Pink : Greatest Hits… So Far!!!

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Greatest Hits… So Far!!!
Album CD-2010

Liste des titres

Get the Party Started
There You Go
Don’t Let Me Get Me
Just Like a Pill
Family Portrait
Stupid Girls
Who Knew
U + Ur Hand
Dear Mr. President
So What
Please Don’t Leave Me
Glitter in the Air
Raise Your Glass
Fuckin’ Perfect

Pink : Funhouse: The Tour Edition

Funhouse: The Tour Edition


Album CD- 2009

Liste des titres


  01 –  So What  
  02 –  Sober   
  03 –  I Don’t Believe You   
  04 –  One Foot Wrong  
  05 –  Please Don’t Leave Me   
  06 –  Bad Influence  
  07 –  Funhouse 
  08 –  Crystal Ball   
  09 –  Mean  
  10 –  It’s All Your Fault  
  11 –  Ave Mary A   
  12 –  Glitter In The Air 
  13 –  This Is How It Goes Down 
  14 –  Push You Away


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Biographie de Pink

pinkPink est une chanteuse pop / R&B américaine née Alecia Beth Moore le 8 septembre 1979 à Doylestown en Pennsylvanie. Pink apparaît aujourd’hui comme une star internationale incontournable. Après avoir fait ses armes au sein de plusieurs groupes, elle s’est lancée en solo et est parvenue à se faire remarquer dès son premier album, Can’t Take Me Home (2000). Pink explosera littéralement avec son deuxième opus, Missundaztood (2001), propulsée par le carton des singles Get This Party Started, Just Like A Pill et Family Portrait.

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Discographie de Pink

2017 Beautiful Trauma
2012 The Truth About Love
2010 Greatest Hits… So Far!!!
2008 Funhouse
2006 I’m Not Dead
2003 Try This
2002 M!ssundaztood
1999 Can’t Take Me Home