Ice Cube: Laugh Now Cry Later

Ice Cube Laugh Now Cry Later
Laugh Now Cry Later
Ice Cube
Album CD – 2006 – Lench Mob

Liste des titres

Definition of a West Coast G’ (Intro)
Why We Thugs
Smoke Some Weed
Dimes & Nicks (A Call from Mike Epps)
Child Support
2 Decades Ago (Insert)
Doin What It Pose 2Do
Laugh Now, Cry Later
Stop Snitchin
Go to Church – Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg
Nigga Trapp
History of Violence (Insert)
Growin’ Up
Click, Clack – Get Back
Game Lord
Chrome & Paint
Steal the Show
You Gotta Lotta That – Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg
Spittin’ Pollaseeds – Ice Cube, Kokane
Holla @ Cha’ Boy

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